Review of August

I set off for a run after work tonight not quite sure whether the 6 mile run would be easy or a tempo run. I wore my Skechers Go Run 2 which feel like a pair of slippers and lovely to run in so I reckon deep down I knew I was keen to push the pace a bit.

I didn’t look at my watch at all until about 4 miles and was please to see my pace was 7:31 so decided to keep it going and I finished with an average pace of 7:13.  Job done!

At 9am this morning the entries for the Lakeland 50 and 100 opened. Fortunately I already have a place curtesy of my marshalling in 2012.  It seemed to be pretty full on and by 9.20am all the places had gone in both races.  That’s 1,000 runners.  Pretty impressive. It seems a few folk had issues with their cards getting charged twice (or more) but I’m sure it will all be sorted out in due course.

I was hoping that August would be a bigger month milage wise as I build up for the Hardmoors 60 and it didn’t disappoint. I ran 219.58 miles ……

Aug 2014 runs

A bit more detail for each run ….

In graph form from RunningAhead ….

graph aug runs

Here is a summary of the types of run I’ve done since January ….

jan-aug summary of runs

Finally I’m still ahead of my goal of running 2014 miles in 2014 ….

2014 miles 31 aug

So a good solid month.  I definitely feel my fitness is back on track in time for the Hardmoors 60 on Saturday 20th September.

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