Dragon’s Back Result

Full report to come but quick update now that I am home.

I finished the 2019 Dragon’s Back race in 68:36:20 in 206th place. There were 402 starters and 251 finished.

Here are my splits for the each day compared to my plan

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 09.29.38

I am so pleased with my race and proud of the fact that I was able to achieve what I set out to do!

Congratulations to my very good friend Andy Cole who won my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. I am so pleased for him as Andy helped me so much in preparing for this race from advice to showing me the course over several weekend recce runs.

A few photos for now …


Photo taken about an hour after the finish. Tired but very happy!


On the stage receiving my baby dragon trophy


Back home with race t-shirt and trophy

Short video of Katrina and our grandson Micah watching me finish the race on the live web cam

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1 Response to Dragon’s Back Result

  1. Richard Horner says:

    Congratulations John! I really enjoyed following your dot on the tracker. The look on your face in that first photo says it all!

    Richard Horner
    Mercia Fellrunners

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