New Training Plan

Obviously we are in a very difficult and unprecedented time at the moment. There is so much uncertainty with our lives and very little the same.

Personally I will be working from home with some days working in schools that are open to provide cover for key workers.

As with many others runners my plans have changed with regard to the races I had entered or were going to volunteer at.

  • Hardmoors 55 - Saturday 28th March - POSTPONED
  • Great Lakeland 3 Day - Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May - POSTPONED
  • Cape Wrath Ultra (on Support team) - Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st May - CANCELLED

Hardmoors 55 has been moved to Saturday 24th October and I’m hoping to be able to run it then.

The Great Lakeland 3 Day event has been moved to the Saturday 29th - Monday 31st August which is the weekend at the end of the Deadwater 6 day event that I have entered so unless I fancy running for 6 days then travelling straight to the Lakes and having 3 more days I will have to get that one a miss.

Cape Wrath Ultra has been cancelled and will run again in 2021 so I will just move my plans a year and volunteer for 2021 and hopefully run it in 2022.

At the moment our West Highland Way Race is still planning to go ahead but we will make a decision in the coming weeks.

So I have decided to work out a training plan for the next 14 weeks to take me to the West Highland Way Race. If things change then so will my plan!

Here is my plan at the moment ….

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 16.11.43

As always my long runs are the key sessions. I’m planning to do two 40 mile runs and a three day weekend when I will cover 85 miles. I’ll be using the last one as my final long effort before the West Highland Way Race but also as preparation for the Deadwater 6 day event in August.

All these plans are dependant on things settling down so it could all change again in the days and weeks to come.

Finally let me wish everyone safety and good health in this very difficult time.


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