Review of 2017

At the beginning of 2017 I had planned to run 5 ultras

  • Highland Fling in April
  • West Highland Way in June
  • Devil o’ the Highlands in August
  • Ring of Fire in September (3 days around Anglesea)
  • Glen Ogle in October

Sadly due to injury I only completed the Fling. I started the whw but had my first dnf in the West Highland Way. I wasn’t able to start either of the final three. The one that I was most sad about was the Ring of Fire. I was really looking forward to doing my first multi-day event.

I was also hoping to run at least 2017 miles but obviously that didn’t happen either!

So here is a brief summary of my year. I ran 1084.51 miles.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 18.32.13


Here is a breakdown of my runs by category:-

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.36.33

I started ultra running in 2007 and for each of the previous 10 years I have been just under or just over 2,000 for the year. So this year was significantly lower.

Here is a summary of the last 11 years:-

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.29.03

Spreadsheet of all my runs in 2017

Here is an overview of the races I did complete in 2017.

Saturday 25th February 2017 – National Cross Country at Falkirk

Race Report

It was good to take part in the National Cross Country but I struggled quite a bit in the mud!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.12.36

Sunday 12th March – Inverness Half Marathon

Race Report

I always enjoy running this half marathon as we get to see two of our daughters and at that stage one of our grandsons.

To make it even more special Hollie joined Katrina and I in running so it was a family affair.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.14.52

I finished in 1:30:08. I must admit I was disappointed to not run under 1:30 as I thought I was capable of that.

I would say that my experiment of training for the National Cross Country and a half marathon while also concentrating on the ultras didn’t work too well for me in 2017. Plus my foot starting hurting around the end of February which I basically ignored for the next 3-4 months!

Saturday 29th April 2017 – Highland Fling

Race Report

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.16.23

It was good to be back running the Highland Fling after a few years gap. The race has got bigger and bigger so it was interesting to see what it was like now to run.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.16.44

I had a decent run but again I was a little disappointed in my time of 10:38:58. I was aiming for 10:15 but my foot was sore during the race which I’m sure didn’t help!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.17.00

Sunday 4th June 2017 – Milngavie Trail Race

Race Report

This turned out to be my final race of the year. My foot was quite sore all the way through and after this race I knew I was in trouble for the whw as it wasn’t getting any better.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 13.19.10

So all in all a disappointing year. As I look back over the last 11 years of ultra running I have had a really good time with very few injuries and very few sessions missed. So I’m hoping that this enforced rest will do me good in the long term.

I have two races planned so far for 2018 and I’m going to see how they go before committing myself to any others.

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Product review – compression socks

Recently I was sent a pair of compression socks from Agile Athletics to try out and review.

Here are the details of the socks taken from Amazon

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.39.31

Agile Athletics Pro Premium Ankle Brace Compression Socks – Extra Bonuses Adjustable Foot Strap and Shock Absorbers – For Foot Pain Relief & Plantar Fasciitis – One Pair for Men, Women and Kids – Breathable and Comfortable fit. 

  • JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF ALL – These compression socks can be used for multiple sports, hiking, climbing, football, rounders, cricket, rugby, rowing, running, gym exercise & cross fit training.
  • QUALITY IS KING – Tried and tested compression socks that will stand the test of time. Our socks have the best quality lifespan and can withstand light, medium and heavy training regime and lifestyle.
  • THIS WILL HELP YOU GO THE DISTANCE – This brace provides the much needed achilles heel & arch support, keep the fascia ligament stretched, and offer an effective pain relief from arthritis, edema, splint, metatarsal, tarsals post-surgery treatment, muscular swelling, orthosis, stress fracture, etc.
  • WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WELFARE – These compression socks have been designed to reduce the likelihood of swelling, muscular ache, foot pain and improve blood circulation. We have used the latest technology and research to create a versatile fit that incorporates comfort and support.
  • BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU – If you are not happy with the product we will refund your money back. We will provide you with your money back no questions asked. We also hope you enjoy the bonus products that you can use or gift to friends.

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have not been able to run for a number of months due to a sore ankle so when these were offered I was interested to see whether they could help.

I have worn them for a number of runs and they are very comfortable to run in. My ankle is getting better slowly but I’m waiting for my new insoles which I’m hoping will make the real difference.

The compression socks are certainly worth trying as we do put a lot of strain on our feet and ankles especially with the off road running lots of us do.

I’ve not tried out the bonus items that came with the socks yet.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.53.37

The best way to test these out is to give them a try and Mario from the company who make them are offering 30 free pairs to readers of my blog with the following comment

A few rules to this:
1) I will need their email address and Postal address
2) Each individual will need to reside at a different addresses and of course reside in the UK
3) Upon usage of the product each individual would need to follow up with small feedback request from myself.

So if you are interested please email me ( with your details and I’ll pass on to Mario.

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Marcothon Day 27-31

Happy New Year everyone. I’m really hoping 2018 running wise is going to be a lot better than 2017!! I will do a review of my running in 2017 but it won’t take long!!

It was good to complete the Marcothon. Here is a summary of my final runs …

Tuesday 26th December

Day 26

Wednesday 27th December

Day 27

Thursday 28th December

Day 28

Friday 29th December

Day 29

Saturday 30th December

Day 30

Sunday 31st December

Day 31

Now that we are into 2018 my focus is completely on the Northern Traverse.

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LOVEultras 020 Northern Traverse Countdown 18 weeks to go

Over the next 18 weeks in the build up to the Northern Traverse I’m planning to do a weekly update on how my training and preparation is going.

Here is the first one …

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Marcothon Days 16-26

Katrina and I continue to get out everyday. We have done most of the runs together which has been good and really helps to get it don each day. I’m really pleased with how my ankle is responding.

Saturday 16th December

Day 16

Sunday 17th December

Day 17

Monday 18th December

Day 18

Tuesday 19th December

Day 19

Wednesday 20th December

Day 20

Thursday 21st December

Day 21

Friday 22nd December

Day 22

Saturday 23rd December

Day 23

Sunday 24th December

Day 24

Monday 25th December

Day 25

Tuesday 26th December

Day 26

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LOVEultras 019 Dealing with injury

For my latest vblog I’ve shared 5 lessons I’ve learnt regarding dealing with injury.

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Marcothon Day 9-15

This week I have ran every day from Saturday (Day 9) to today Friday (Day 15). Some days I’ve been out early on my own, other days I’ve run with Katrina after work and today I ran at lunchtime.

It has been really good to get out running again but I’m making sure that I’m building up very slowly.

Saturday 9th December

Day 9

Sunday 10th December

Day 10

Monday 11th December

Day 11

Tuesday 12th December

Day 12

Wednesday 13th December

Day 13

Thursday 14th December

Day 14

Friday 15th December

Day 15

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