Guess My Time - Dragon’s Back

My big race (in every way!) is starting on Monday 20th May and covers over 195 miles in 5 days. The Dragon’s Back race starts at Conway Castle, North Wales and finishes at Llandeillo, South Wales.

I have been preparing really hard for this race for the last 18 weeks and feel as ready as I can be. I have reccied the whole course over 5 weekends so I know what I have left myself in for.

To be honest I can’t wait to see whether I can make it. I know there will be tough times but I hope I have the mental and physical strength to make it to the end.

Once again my good friends at are offering prizes for all my ultras this year.

For this race they are offering an amazing prize ……

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.53.00

Plus a limited edition ‘Guess My Time’ key ring and your name on my Wall of Fame!!

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.54.41

To take part and have a chance to win this prize all you have to do is send me your guess in hours, minutes and seconds of how long you think it will take me to complete the Dragon’s Back.

As before there is only one guess per time so if your time is taken I’ll ask you to guess again.

This will probably be one of the most difficult to guess so here is some help. Each day has a time limit of 17 hrs so 17 x 5 = 85hrs would be the maximum. Please note I’m not accepting DNF (no negative thoughts for this one!!).

In 2017 the winner, Marcus Scotney, took just under 38hrs!

Based on my recce runs I have worked out splits for each day as follows.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.56.46

To give you an idea here are my goals for the race

  • Bronze – Finish – to be fair this probably should be my one and only goal but to achieve a finish I think I need to have a sensible target for each day
  • Silver – sub 75hrs – I feel this is possible if I get most things right
  • Gold – sub 72hrs – I like to aim as high as I can but to achieve this everything will need to get the majority of things (pacing, navigation, nutrition, injury free etc) right but you never know!!

If you want to take part please send your guess by 5pm on Friday 17th May 2019  by:-

  • leave a comment on this post
  • on my Facebook page
  • Twitter: @jkynaston
  • Text: 07905 218162
  • Instagram: jkynaston
  • Email: [email protected]
  • in person
  • any other imaginative method
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23 Responses to Guess My Time - Dragon’s Back

  1. Alistair Kerr says:

    Good luck.
    My guess is 72 hours 44 minutes and 23 seconds.

  2. Chris haswell says:

    69h 53min

  3. pete says:

    The very best of luck John, it looks a toughie.

    My guess is 78:25

  4. Sarah Price says:

    80 hours; 46 minutes; 15 seconds. Good luck!

  5. 71hours 25. Best of luck John, can’t wait to read about how you get on!

  6. Andy Cole says:

    Hi John, I think for the five days you can do 13,15,15,14,12 so 69 in total, so lets say 68:59:59

  7. spryt says:

    Good luck John. Hope you smash it. I am going to opt for achieving a comfortable silver goal, so 74 hours and 20 minutes

  8. Gareth Price says:

    Hi John, i think you’ll hit your gold target and complete in 70h35m00s. Best of luck!

  9. Richard Horner says:

    Dear John,

    Put me down for 77hrs 45mins (and if you want to be precise) 17.3 seconds!

    I’ve greatly enjoyed reading about your preparations, and I can’t wait to read your report.

    Best wishes

    Richard Horner

  10. Derek Gibson says:

    Hi John
    Great motivation video!
    I hope you will take a few pictures from the mountain tops.
    I’ll plump for 76 hrs 40 mins.
    Have a memorable 5 days.

  11. Gareth Crabb says:

    Hi John , really enjoyed the build up and looking forward to tracking your progress.
    The very best of luck!
    76hrs 33mins

  12. jon cadman says:

    John I’ve loved following your progress towards the big day via the vblogs, I have every confidence you’ll finish, put me down for 75hrs 46 mins 34 secs, all the best and stay safe

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