Review of January

I decided this year to delay my specific ultra training until February if not March as my ‘A’ race, Lakeland 100, is not until the end of July and I didn’t want to try and hold my focus for so long.

So normally I would be running well over 200 miles in January with a good number of off road runs. So this January has been a bit different and to be honest I’ve really enjoyed the variety and change.

I ran 190.01 miles in January.  Here are some summary sheets …..

List of all runs with details ….

monthly summary jan

In graph form in RunningAhead ….

RunningaAhead Jan graph

No big spikes this month … just lots of consistency.

In diary form with my cycle rides to and from work included ….

monthly diary janStrava produce a nice graphic or two ….

Runs only …

strava jan summary runs

Runs and Cycles ….

strava Jan summary all

I like to keep a record of the types of runs I do over the year …

types of runs jan

Finally I’m ahead of my 2015 miles in 2015 ….

2015 miles 01-31So a good solid month to start. February is going to more of the same but also will include a long off run 25 miles on Sun 8th Feb and the National Cross Country on Sun 22nd Feb so I’ll adjust a few things to fit around those runs.


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