Guess My Time Competition for Brecon Beacons 10 peaks

My penultimate ultra for 2016 is on Saturday 10th September 2016 (5am start) so it is time to open my traditional ‘Guess My Time’ competition.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 17.27.37


There are 10 peaks to climb …

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 17.50.50

I’ve not done this race before or seen much of the course so it’s hard to know what sort of time I’m capable of.

I like to have a bronze, silver and gold and normally they would be fairly close to each other but this time I’m going to spread out the times!

So to give you some sort of idea of the time I’m hoping for …

  • Bronze - sub 18hrs
  • Silver - sub 17hrs
  • Gold - sub 16hrs

My good friends at have once again provided at excellent prize for the person who guesses the closest to my finishing time.

This time the prize is one of the new Speedgoat twin bottle waists packs ….

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 17.59.46

All you have to do to have a chance to win this prize PLUS a limited edition John Kynaston winners key ring!! and a place on my hall of fame is guess how long you think it will take me to run the 89km (55miles) in hours, minutes and seconds. You can send you guess by leaving a ….

  • comment on this post
  • posting on my Facebook page
  • guess on Twitter - @jkynaston
  • by text - 07905 218162
  • by whatapp
  •  email - [email protected]
  • in person
  • any other method!!

Please send you guess by 6pm on Thursday 8th September 2016.  Please note that there can only be one guess per time so if someone has taken you’ll guess I’ll ask you to guess again!!

For the Hardmoors 160 Guess My Time winner James Hemmingsley won with his 3rd attempt as the first two times had been taken!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 18.12.58


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25 Responses to Guess My Time Competition for Brecon Beacons 10 peaks

  1. Robert snodgrass says:

    Good luck John

  2. 19 hours 14 minutes 14 seconds. Good luck!

  3. Well, hard to guess but I put my money on 17:05:03. Good luck and enjoy the race.

  4. Michael Barrett says:

    I did the Short Course in 2013 and really enjoyed it as im sure you will, Good Luck.
    My Guess is 16:10:15

  5. david says:

    Good luck with the run. I’m guessing 16 hours 23 minutes 37 seconds

  6. james smith says:

    good luck with the race john, my guess is 17.01.21

  7. dhlwilson says:


    Fingers crossed for nae clouds, great views and strong legs!

    David Wilson

  8. David McCauley says:

    15hrs 57mins,
    In the bag, Good luck John.

  9. Gary McLinton says:

    all the best for the run
    16hr 16minutes 16 secs and 16th place

  10. Nicola may says:

    17hr 24mins 30sec

  11. Rik Carter says:

    16h 38mins 40sec.

    Enjoy! I will be running the short course for the first time….

  12. Max says:

    16:56:24 …time guess, not vital statistics 😉
    Best of luck!

  13. Steve says:

    16:09:10 Americanised (sorry, probably -ized!) date - what can go wrong?! All the best John. Looking forward to the report already

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