Midweek runs

After an invitation from one of the Race Directors Garry Scott and encouragement from friends Andy Cole and Ian Beattie I have entered the Trail Outlaws Wooler Marathon on Sunday 20th November. Katrina has entered the Half Marathon.

So I have planned a couple of weeks of harder running and a one week taper before the race. I’ve never done a trail marathon so I’m looking forward to it.

So this week I’ve got back into some harder training with some faster runs.

Monday - Club Fartlek Session

This week we had a good group of runners out for our weekly session. I was chasing Ryan for the evening and felt pretty strong for most of the session which was 10 x 3mins with 90secs recovery.

I must admit I was hanging on a bit on the last three but happy with my effort!


Wednesday - Tempo Run

I ran my normal loop from home. I wasn’t quite sure whether I would really go for it so decided to run as I felt. The first few miles were a bit slower but I got faster as the run went on.

  • 1st mile - 8:09
  • 2nd mile - 7:59
  • 3rd mile - 7:41
  • 4th mile - 7:24
  • 5th mile - 7:08
  • 6th mile - 7:15

So happy enough with that!

Thursday - Hill session at Brodie Park

The race is on trails with plenty of hills so I thought it would be good to do my Brodie Hill session. Each loop has two ascents and two descents in the 1.08 mile.

I did 4 loops alternating an easier effort then pushing harder.

  • 1st easy loop - 9:36
  • 1st faster loop - 8:01
  • 2nd easy loop - 9:36
  • 2nd faster loop - 7:47

This weekend we are heading to Perth to visit our friends Richie & Helen and their three children. The plan is to do the Perth parkrun on Saturday and then go for a run with Richie on Sunday.

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